Hashtag Dungeon achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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The Mage

Leader of the Pack!


Die for the first time...

Home Improvement

Build your first dungeon room...

Community Service

Upvoted or downvoted a room...

The Ninja

Recruit the Ninja!


His programming is too strong...

Mana Masher

Defeated the Mana Lord...

The Last Laugh

Defeat Lord Laughter...

The Ranger

Recruit the Ranger!

Plaguelord Passed

Defeat the Plague Lord...


Use a summoning circle...

The Paladin

Recruit the Paladin!

The Blood Mage

Recruit the Blood Mage!

Groomp's Gone

Defeat Grandmagus Groomp...

The Robot

Recruit the Robot!

The Gang's All Here

Unlock all the characters...


Magic can have otherworldly risks...

Infernally Yours

Destroy the Infernal Organ...

Left Poor Dead

Killed 50 Zombies Whilst Playing

Lots of Loot

Collect 99999 Loot Whilst Playing