Pickers achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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Buy and sell an item from the Hot Category


Restore an item


Combine two items to create something new

Quick Profit

Complete a hidden object scene in under a minute


Change a character's mood to green in one transaction

Contract Picker

Complete 5 unique hidden object scenes

Business Savvy

Make a profit 5 days in a row

Trend Setter

Buy and sell 20 items from the Hot Category


Buy an item at less than 75% of the asking price


Make a 300% profit in an auction


End a day with two or more characters liking you (in green)

Fire Sale

Auction 20 items for a profit

Knowledge Seeker

Consult the Expert 20 times


Unlock all locations in the game

Money In The Bank

Reduce your store inventory to one page anytime after the 20th day

Cellar Picker

Sell 5 items from Lizzie Davis' crawl space

Crafty Collector

Create 10 new items using the combine tool

Key Keeper

Collect 40 keys to unlock Unlimited Hidden Object Mode

Rockin Daddy

Buy a Jukebox


Buy a Sun Clock

Junk Yard Art

Buy a Maffler Man

Leader Of The Pack

Reach the Number 1 Rank!

Reel To Reel

Buy a Movie Projector

The Geek

End a day with Patrick Merman in a green mood

High Stakes Purchase

Buy a Vampire Hunting Kit

Safety First

Buy CJ Baxter's safe


Combine a Suit of Armor with a Sword

Staying Single

Buy a Motorized Scooter from Hambone Richards


Maintain the leader position for 7 days

Anger Management

Bring an owner's mood from angry (red) to happy (green) in one day

In The Trenches

Buy a WWII Helmet


Restore all items before they are sold

Weather Forecast

Buy a Snow Globe


Explore every scene, hidden object game, and close up in the first 6 location

Talent Show

Buy an Accordion


Buy a Bigfoot Photo

Thorough Picker

Complete each hidden object game without using any hints

Sharp Eye

Complete each hidden object game without using the scanner

Bulk Discount

Buy a group of items at less than 65% of the asking price

Key Master

Find all 60 keys