Dragons and Titans achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 52 unknown)

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Completed the Proving Grounds scenario

First Blood

Kill 1 Minion

Dragon Wing

Kill an enemy dragon near an allied dragon

Glorious Strike

Destroy an enemy Elemental Tower

Dragon Whisperer

Play a match without dying to Minions or Turrets

Victory Medal

Defeat the enemy team in glorious battle and free your Titan!

Hoard Sweet Hoard

Take 10,000 Points of Damage without dying or returning to hoard.


Destroy an enemy Obelisk or Shrine

Cut your teeth

Kill 10 Minions across all matches

Killing Spree

Kill 3 enemy dragons without dying

Tower Defense

Kill an enemy dragon near a friendly Tower

Dragon Rage

Score 10 Assists on enemy dragons in a single match

Champion of the Titans

Score 10 Kills on enemy dragons in a match


Complete a PvP match

Ancient Protector

Kill an enemy dragon near a friendly Obelisk or Shrine

Dragon's Touch

Kill 10 dragons at point blank range

Battle Power

Upgrade all Abliities to their max in one match

Legendary Assassin

Finish a battle with a K/D ratio better than 1.0

First Victory of the Day

An additional bounty for continuing the daily fight. (Repeatable 1x Daily, PvP Only)


Restore 1000 health on other dragons during a match


Score the final hit on the enemy Cage

Hero of the Titans

Assist in destroying the enemy Cage and releasing your Titan


End a match without dying and at least 1 kill

Bronze Medal

End a multiplayer match with the 3rd highest total Score

Dragon's Pride

Kill 50 Minions across all matches


Kill 5 Dragons without dying in an online match.

Silver Medal

End a multiplayer match with the 2nd highest total Score

Dragon Hugger

End a match with the fewest total dragon kills

Minion Destroyer

Score 50 Kills on enemy Minions in a single match

Minion's Nemesis

End a match with the highest total Minion kills

Titan's Defense

Kill an enemy dragon near your own Titan

Tactical Wyrm

End a match with the highest K/D ratio

Eye of the Leprechaun

End a match with the highest Gold collected

Worthy Rider

Complete 10 multiplayer matches

Gold Medal

End a multiplayer match with the highest total Score

Combat Heals

Restore 6000 health on other dragons without dying

Death Strike

Kill any enemy with a single attack


Kill the Chaos Titan in an online match.

Terror of the Skies

Complete 10 multiplayer matches with a 2:1 or better Kill-to-Death ratio


Completed the Advanced Training scenario


Deposit 10,000 Gold in a single match

Battle Worn

Complete 50 multiplayer matches

Tower Destroyer I

Destroy 100 Towers in online matches.


Complete 100 multiplayer matches

Epic Dragon Lord

End 5 consecutive matches at the top of the Scoreboard

Minion Hunter

Kill 1000 Minions across all matches

Tower Destroyer II

Destroy 500 Towers in online matches.

Tower Destroyer III

Destroy 1,000 Towers in online matches.


Complete 1000 multiplayer matches


Kill all 5 enemies at the same moment in an online match.

Minion Rage

Kill 100,000 Minions across all matches

Minion's Bane

Kill 1,000,000 Minions across all matches