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No missable achievements (plus 42 unknown)

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A Perfect Predator

As any shark, max out your species active ability.

Sneaky Diver

Win a game with 3 or less deaths.

Oh Yeeeeeaaaah!

As a shark, bust through a wall and grab a diver on the other side with a single lunge.

Immortal Diver

Kill 6 sharks without dying.

Sleeping With The Fishes

Kill a diver while their whole team is watching and live.

Locked And Loaded

Unlock 14 pieces of diver equipment.

Immortal Shark

Kill 6 divers without dying.


As a diver, slaughter a seal.


Kill 10 Bull Sharks.

Expanding Horizons

Win games on 5 different maps.

Spray And Pray

Get 2 kills within a single clip from an automatic weapon.

Hail Mary

Successfully toss a bag of treasure to S.T.E.V.E. at a distance greater than 20 meters.

All Or Nothing

Land the final killing blow in a game while your teams tickets are at zero.

Full Arsenal

Unlock all the weapons in Depth.

Two Sharks One Spear

Hit both sharks with a single spear.

El Toro

Get 10 Kills as the Bull Shark.

Can Robots Cry?

As a shark, disable S.T.E.V.E. 50 times.

Best Friends Forever

Kill a player that is attacking a team mate 50 times.


As a diver, kill 16 sharks in a game.

Daring Explorer

Recover $10,000 worth of treasure from locations at least 30 meters away from S.T.E.V.E.

Demo King

Get 5 or more kills by using mines in a game - without teamkilling.

Win All Maps

Win games on all maps.


Secret achievement!

P.A.T. on the Back

Get 10 Kills using P.A.T.

Hammer Time

As the hammerhead, Kill 10 divers with impact damage.

A Friend In Need...

Heal teammates 10 times with Medkits you deployed.

P.A.T. Down

As a shark, destroy 10 P.A.T.

Arms Race

Be the first player to reach the Explosive Harpoon in a game of Megalodon Hunt.

Can we fix it?

Repair S.T.E.V.E. for 500 points of damage using the welding torch.

Gravy Trainwreck

As a shark, completely destroy S.T.E.V.E.

Net Profit

As a diver, ensnare 25 sharks in a net, resulting in their death.

Hunter Hunted

Tag 100 sharks resulting in their death.

They're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

As the Megalodon, kill 10 Divers in a single life.

Technical Difficulties

As a shark, destroy 50 Sonar Buoys.

Shark of 9 Tails

Hit multiple divers with the Thresher's Tail Lash 9 times.

Last Gasp

While low on health, slay 50 sharks with the diving knife.

Deep Red Sea

As a shark, kill 1000 divers.

Front Toward Enemy

As a shark, kill 25 divers with their own mines.


Kill the Megalodon with no help from other divers.

Gold Hoarder

Bank Roll the team to gold level 10 times.

The Harder They Fall

Land the killing blow on 100 Megalodons.