Grow Up achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Budding Traveller

Visit all biomes

All Grown UP

Rescue MOM

Star Planter!



Unlock all seeds


Bounce on a Youch 7 times without touching the ground

Happy Landing!

Blast a Critter 100m

I Can See Your House From Here...

Orbit the entire planet in BALL mode

Mushroom Maypole

Plant 10 Champolines on top of each other


Unlock all Telerouters


Collect all crystals

No Mountain Too High

Complete all challenges

BUD-tanical Brilliance

Complete the game 100%

Carpet Gardening

Throw 100 seeds whilst gliding

BUD Friend!

Take a Critter to the moon

Can I Have A P Please, BUD?

Discover letter block P

Lift Off

Ride two Sporchids simultaneously for 400m

Along For The Ride

Complete a challenge holding a Critter

Cuddly Meeps

Discover the bull and the sheep