Chariot achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 47 unknown)

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Completely reveal the map of a level.

Strange Souvenirs

Find all three skulls in any level.

Might Come In Handy

Unlock a gadget.

Deceased Parcel Service

Deliver a Chariot blueprint crate to its destination.


Play a level from beginning to end with a second player.

A Walk in the Park

Find the Verdant Burrows sepulcher.

The Royal Whee

Reach maximum speed with the Chariot.

Ride Towards the Light

Find the Luminous Abyss sepulcher.

Rookie Charioteer

Obtain a bronze medal or better in a speed run.

Off the Beaten Path

Find an alternate exit.

Off to Adventure and All That!

Complete a level with the Shopkeeper

Have an Ice Day

Find the Crystal Chasm sepulcher.


Encounter a looter of each type.

Fully Equipped

Unlock all gadgets.

Going Down

Find the Obsidian Pits sepulcher.

Master Craftsman

Fully upgrade a gadget.

Wrong Way

Find a different entrance than the one you came in through.

First-Class Ride

Fully upgrade the Chariot.

Royal Delivery

Deliver all Chariot blueprint crates to their destination.

Just Deserts

Find the Sandstone Ruins sepulcher.

Only the Lonely

Locate and obtain the largest type of blue jewel without a second player.

Rising Star

Obtain a gold medal in a speed run.

Breaker of Dreams

Find the hidden level.


Find all alternate exits.

Had You Worried There

Warp an off-screen Chariot with less than a second to spare

A Ropeless Situation

Reach any exit of Woodland Vestibule without using the rope.

Royal Sampler

Try out all three versions of the Royal Arms

Air to the Throne

Get 12 seconds of air time with the Chariot.


Spend 500,000 loot.

Family Reunion

Find all three skulls in every level.


Obtain a gold medal in a speed run with no gadget equipped.

Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Go swimming in lava pool and emerge unscathed

Quiet, Your Majesty

Reach any exit of the Hive without alerting any looters.

Royal Cartographer

Completely reveal the map of all levels.

All Aboard

Have 20 looters looting the Chariot at the same time

No Second Chances

Reach any exit of Molten River without respawning.

Never Not Sliding

Reach any exit of the Crystal Castle without anchoring or winding the rope.

Half of Zero is Still Zero

Use the Slowdown while the Stasis Field is active

Rest in Peace Already

Reach 100% completion.


Use the Omni Boots to withstand 10 Flipper flips


Reach the exit of the hidden level with no gadget equipped.

Seasoned Charioteer

Obtain a bronze medal or better in every speed run.

Greased Lightning

Obtain a gold medal in every speed run.

Break Everything

Finish the Chasm Crossing speed run within 70 seconds


Reach the exit of the hidden level with every single piece of loot in the Chariot

That's the Plan

Find all standard and royal gadget blueprints