Everything is Peachy achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Speedy bot

Obtained above 100% robot speed increased in single a run

Wow wa we wow

Slay the final boss!

Heartless Monster

Kill 200 robots in a single run

Juiced Up

Collect each type of power-up in a single run

Just like mama used to make

Complete a run without getting any power ups

Rhythmic steps

Get hit by 100 sand worms

Insect Repellent

Complete a run without getting run over by a sand worm


Attacked by 50 peach traps


Complete a run in 30 minutes

Proper Job

Collect 100 pieces of scrap metal


Complete a run in 20 minutes

Over Ripe

Complete a run in 35 minutes


Collect 1,000,000 peaches

Pylon Baron

Charge 100 pylons to full