Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Down with boredom!

For starting your first game

Getting down to business

For building your first BloodDonald's

Novice gourmet

For gathering 100 units of food

Lazy tourist

For not clicking your mouse for 15 seconds

Novice woodcutter

For gathering 100 units of wood

Time for a boost

For unlocking your first booster

Novice stone dresser

For gathering 100 units of stone

Amateur digger

For gathering 100 units of gold

Ready for the pros

For using boosters ten times while playing a level

Skilled alchemist

For making every magic potion

Master of disguise

For hiding Dracula's true identity

Attentive foreman

For building three buildings in one minute

Silent shadow

For escaping prison

Ace security

For building a house for Frankenstein

Delicate taste

For gathering 5,000 units of food

Neat trick

For using a booster for the first time

Ace Rescuer

For rescuing the prince

Sleight of hand

For neutralizing your first trap

Master of dark fates

For using three bonuses while playing a level

Tireless woodcutter

For gathering 5,000 units of wood

Collector of magic items

For unlocking every booster

True prince

For keeping Dracula safe

Experienced stone dresser

For gathering 5,000 units of stone

Savior of the disadvantaged

Carriage repaired!

Caring father

All children sent to school!

Resilient adventurer

Bonus chapter completed!

Inedible guest

For finding the alien

Beauty connoisseur

For finding six images of the princess

Lucky immortal

For finding Death's scythe

Non-superstitious cat lover

For finding 13 black cats

Good eye

You found the main villain - the sheep king!

Supernatural person

For completing every level with a gold rating

Expert digger

For gathering 5,000 units of gold

True winner!

For earning every trophy