Box Maze achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 170 unknown)

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1st Death

Awww you just died for the first time? Poor baby.

I love cupcakes!

You found a cupcake and ate it's face.

Welcome to Box Maze

Well done, your off to a good start.

Passed level 2.

Level 2 passed.

You collected 1 Blue Potion.

Collect 1 Blue Potion.

You scored 100 points.

Well done little box :)

You visited the skins screen.

Visit the skins screen.

You collected 1 Purple Potion.

Collect 1 Purple Potion.

You collected 1 Red Potion.

Collect 1 Red Potion.

You collected 10 cupcakes for your love.

You're such a sweetheart.

You just ate a half eaten apple. What is wrong with you?

Did you seriously just eat that????

Lol, you died 10 times.

Nice work hot shot, try be more careful.

You visited the controls screen.

Visit the controls screen

Passed level 5

You made it this far!

Passed level 3.

Level 3 passed.

You collected 1 Green Potion.

Collect 1 Green Potion.

Passed level 4.

Level 4 passed.

You collected 1 Orange Potion.

Collect 1 Orange Potion.


Aww how cute, little baby box needed an apple to finish a level.

Tutorial Completed

Nice job, you completed the tutorial.

Passed level 6.

Level 6 passed.

Level 7 passed.

Level 7 passed.

Lol, you died 25 times.

Hmmmm, I'll rather keep my mouth shut.

You scored 500 points.

Getting there.

You collected 25 cupcakes for your love.

You're almost as sweet as the cupcake :P

You loaded a saved game.

You loaded a saved game.

Lol even more, you died 50 times???

Maybe you need treatment?

You collected 5 Red Potions.

Collect 5 Red Potions.

You saved the game.

You saved the game.

Passed level 8.

Level 8 passed.

Passed level 10

Level 10 hey, I bet you think your the... box.

You collected 5 Purple Potions.

Collect 5 Purple Potions.

You collected 5 Blue Potions.

Collect 5 Blue Potions.

Passed level 9.

Level 9 passed.

Passed level 11.

Level 11 passed.

Passed level 15

Wonder how many times you died trying to get this far :D

Passed level 12.

Level 12 passed.

Seriously, you died 100 times already?

I'm just going to do you a favor and stop counting.

You scored 1,000 points.

Well done, not bad.

Passed level 13.

Level 13 passed.

Secret Finder: Level 1

You found the 1st hidden room and discovered its secrets.

Passed level 14.

Level 14 passed.

Passed level 16.

Level 16 passed.

Passed level 20

Oh well excuse me.... We have a big shot here!

You collected 50 cupcakes for your love.

She is going to love you after this <3

Passed level 25

Quick mom get the camera!!!!

Passed level 18.

Level 18 passed.

Passed level 17.

Level 17 passed.

You collected 10 Red Potions.

Collect 10 Red Potions.

You collected 5 Green Potions.

Collect 5 Green Potions.

Passed level 19.

Level 19 passed.

Secret Finder: Level 5

You found the 5th hidden room and discovered its secrets.

Passed level 21.

Level 21 passed.

Passed level 22.

Level 22 passed.

Passed level 23.

Level 23 passed.

Passed level 30

I'm starting to think I underestimated you.

Passed level 24.

Level 24 passed.

Passed level 35

Woop level 35 :D I wonder whats next ;)

You collected 10 Blue Potions.

Collect 10 Blue Potions.

Secret Finder: Level 2

You found the 2nd hidden room and discovered its secrets.

Yellow Slayer

You found and defeated the rare yellow box... You're a big box now.

Passed level 26.

Level 26 passed.

Passed level 27.

Level 27 passed.

Passed level 28.

Level 28 passed.

You collected 100 cupcakes for your love.

Ok, now you just trying to make her fat...

Passed level 40

That's 40 down :D

Passed level 29.

Level 29 passed.

You collected 5 Orange Potions

Collect 5 Orange Potions.

You collected 10 Purple Potions.

Collect 10 Purple Potions.

Passed level 45

On your way to being pro.

Passed level 50.

Well done donkey, I'm proud of you.

Passed level 32.

Level 32 passed.

150 deaths and counting.

You might as well just keep at it.

You collected 10 Green Potions.

Collect 10 Green Potions.

Passed level 31.

Level 31 passed.

You collected 15 Red Potions

Collect 15 Red Potions.

Passed level 33.

Level 33 passed.

Passed level 34.

Level 34 passed.

Passed level 36.

Level 36 passed.

Passed level 55.

55 levels? Nice work there :P

You scored 5,000 points.

Now that's what I'm talking about :D.

Passed level 39.

Level 39 passed.

Passed level 38.

Level 38 passed.

Passed level 37.

Level 37 passed.

Passed level 60

You passed level 60 you sexy thing ;)

Passed level 44.

Level 44 passed.

Secret Finder: Level 3

You found the 3rd hidden room and discovered its secrets.

Passed level 43.

Level 43 passed.

Passed level 46.

Level 46 passed.

Passed level 49.

Level 49 passed.

You collected 15 Green Potions

Collect 15 Green Potions.

Passed level 65

Yippie do da, level 65 :D

Passed level 48.

Level 48 passed.

Passed level 47.

Level 47 passed.

Passed level 42.

Level 42 passed.

Passed level 52.

Level 52 passed.

Passed level 51.

Level 51 passed.

You collected 15 Blue Potions

Collect 15 Blue Potions.

Passed level 41.

Level 41 passed.

You collected 20 Red Potions

Collect 20 Red Potions.

Passed level 53.

Level 53 passed.

Passed level 54.

Level 54 passed.

Passed level 61.

Level 61 passed.

You collected 20 Green Potions

Collect 20 Green Potions.

Passed level 62.

Level 62 passed.

You collected 10 Orange Potions

Collect 10 Orange Potions.

Passed level 57.

Level 57 passed.

Passed level 64.

Level 64 passed.

Passed level 58.

Level 58 passed.

Passed level 59.

Level 59 passed.

You collected 15 Purple Potions

Collect 15 Purple Potions.

Passed level 63.

Level 63 passed.

Passed level 56.

Level 56 passed.

That's 200 deaths now.

Is your keyboard broken?

You scored 10,000 points.

Wow, you actually scored 10,000 points???

You collected 20 Blue Potions

Collect 20 Blue Potions.

Secret Finder: Level 7

You found the 7th hidden room and discovered its secrets.

You collected 20 Purple Potions

Collect 20 Purple Potions.

You collected 15 Orange Potions

Collect 15 Orange Potions.

You collected 20 Orange Potions

Collect 20 Orange Potions.

Passed level 99.

Level 99 passed.

You collected 200 cupcakes for your love.

Awwww look at you :P

Secret Finder: Level 6

You found the 6th hidden room and discovered its secrets.

Passed level 66.

Level 66 passed.

Passed level 68.

Level 67 passed.

You collected 300 cupcakes for your love.

That's a lot of cupcakes!!

Secret Finder: Level 4

You found the 4th hidden room and discovered its secrets.

Passed level 69.

Level 69 passed.

Passed level 72.

Level 72 passed.

Passed level 67.

Level 67 passed.

Passed level 75.

Level 75 passed.

Passed level 73.

Level 73 passed.

Passed level 71.

Level 71 passed.

Passed level 70.

Level 70 passed.

Passed level 74.

Level 74 passed.

You collected 400 cupcakes for your love.

You still going?

Secret Finder: Level 10

You found the 10th hidden room and discovered its secrets.

You collected 500 cupcakes for your love.

You do realize that you are going to get fat right?

Secret Finder: Level 8

You found the 8th hidden room and discovered its secrets.

Secret Finder: Level 9

You found the 9th hidden room and discovered its secrets.

Passed level 77.

Level 77 passed.

Passed level 80.

Level 80 passed.

Passed level 76.

Level 76 passed.

Passed level 94.

Level 94 passed.

Passed level 79.

Level 79 passed.

Passed level 78.

Level 78 passed.

Passed level 89.

Level 89 passed.

Passed level 96.

Level 96 passed.

Passed level 95.

Level 95 passed.

You scored 15000 points.

Dang son :P 15000 points. Well Done :D

Passed level 97.

Level 97 passed.

Passed level 81.

Level 81 passed.

Passed level 82.

Level 82 passed.

Passed level 83.

Level 83 passed.

Passed level 84.

Level 84 passed.

Passed level 85.

Level 85 passed.

Passed level 93.

Level 93 passed.

Passed level 98.

Level 98 passed.

Passed level 90.

Level 90 passed.

Passed level 88.

Level 88 passed.

Passed level 87.

Level 87 passed.

Passed level 86.

Level 86 passed.

Passed level 91.

Level 91 passed.

Passed level 92.

Level 92 passed.

Passed level 100.

Level 100 passed.

Secret Finder: Level 11

You found the 11th hidden room and discovered its secrets

Secret Finder: Level 15

You found the 15th hidden room and discovered its secrets

Secret Finder: Level 12

You found the 12th hidden room and discovered its secrets

Secret Finder: Level 13

You found the 13th hidden room and discovered its secrets

Secret Finder: Level 14

You found the 14th hidden room and discovered its secrets