NBA 2K18 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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I Got You

Throw a long pass using Maximum Passing.

Makin' Adjustments

Make an on-the-fly defensive coaching adjustment during a game.

Let Doc Do His Thing

Get a haircut from the Barber Shop in MyCAREER.

Badge of Honor

Earn a badge in MyCAREER.

My Every Day Player

Become a starter in the NBA in MyCAREER.

Puttin' In Work

Complete a full-team practice in MyCAREER.

Unleash Chaos

Have two consecutive breakout games in the NBA in MyCAREER.

Man With A Plan

Just Say No

Purchase a Card Pack in MyTEAM.

Like A Top

Perform a spin with the Dribble Move button.

Half Court...Check

Play a game of Downtown, King of the Court, or Dunk Off in MyCAREER.

I Spy Spalding

Find the Spalding IQ equipment in the team practice facility in MyCAREER.

The Juice is Loose

Get a juice from the Juice Stand in MyCAREER.

More Work?

Complete a checklist goal in MyTEAM.

Thanks, But No Thanks

Renounce the rights to one of your players in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.


Get a tattoo from the Tattoo Shop in MyCAREER.

My All-Star

Be named an NBA All-Star in MyCAREER.

No 'I' In Team

Join or Own a 2K Pro-Am Team.

Development Time

Send a player down to the G-League in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.

The Draft And Stash

Draft a player that will remain overseas in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.

In The Zone

Score 50 points in the mini basketball game in the 2K Zone in MyCAREER.

What's It Going To Be?

Draft, Schmaft

Win the Rookie of the Year award in MyCAREER.

Call-Up Time

Sign a player from the G-League to a contract in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.

Fish Knows Best

Marathon Man

Run 26.2 miles in the streets in MyCAREER.

Metric Analysis

Perform a stat plot using the Analytics Tool in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.

Grindin' Away

Achieve an overall rating of 90 in MyCAREER.

You Do Know Jack

Correctly answer a trivia question in the 2K Zone in MyCAREER.

Hope And A Dream

Sign a player to a Two-Way contract in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.

Gimme A Boost

Double Trouble

Play a game with two players who form a duo in MyTEAM.

On The Dotted Line

Badge of Extreme Honor

Level up a badge to Hall of Fame in MyCAREER.

Capped Out

Max out all of your badges in MyCAREER.

I Got This

Win a bet with Doc in MyCAREER.

Get Your Feet Wet

Complete a 2K Pro-Am Walk-On game.

The First Of Many

Earn a Call-Up in Play Now Online.


Beat a Tier 1 team with a team from a lower tier in Play Now Online.

One of...

297 Problems and Domination IS One!

Earn 297 Stars by completing all Domination modes in MyTEAM.

You Been Working Out?

Use every piece of gym equipment in MyCAREER.

Sweet Sapphire

Complete a Round ranked Sapphire or higher in MyTEAM Super Max.


Play a game of NBA 2K18 against a friend in your MyCOURT.

On The Rise

Win as a member of a Pro-Level or higher 2K Pro-Am team.


Win all 10 games of 'Greatest of All-Time' in Play Now Online.

Ruby Reign

Complete a Season ranked Ruby or higher in MyTEAM Super Max.

It Isn't Over Yet

King of Kings

Achieve a 10 game win streak on King of the Court in MyCAREER.

Work Complete

Complete all checklist goals in MyTEAM.