Escape Goat achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Beat Ruins of Red Clay Room 1 without touching the Skull Switch.


Complete The Final Path.


Visit each room in the Prison of Agnus.

Annihilation 2

Beat Engine of Insanity Room 4 destroying all Reapers.

Annihilation 1

Beat The Darkest Pits Room 5 destroying all Reapers.


Beat The Crypt Room 5 without waking the Gargoyles.


Beat The Final Path Room 9 without destroying all TNT blocks.


Beat The Darkest Pits Room 4 without harming any Reapers.

Clean Annihilation

Beat Lost City Room 5 destroying all reapers, but without disturbing the central stack of blocks.


Beat room The Final Path Room 1 without touching any switches or skulls.

Precision Timing

Beat room Limestone Quarry Room 1 without activating any Skull Switches.

Alternate Path

Beat Frozen Cavern Room 5 without touching any of the Skull Switches.


Beat Frozen Cavern Room 4 with 5 Ice Blocks remaining.

Keel Hauled

Beat room Electric Lab Room 3 without touching any of the top four switches.

Goat Squeeze

Beat room Engine of Insanity Room 3 before the stone block falls to the floor.

Speed Runner

Complete the Prison of Agnus in under 45 minutes.