Ash of Gods: Redemption achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Not energetic

Win a battle without using an ability that decreases your energy.

Not a daredevil

Win a battle without using an ability that decreases your health.

The last word

Kill the enemy with a counter-attack.


Win a battle one against six without using cards.

Death to the javelin thrower

Kill a javelin-hurling Ense with a single blow.

The monk


Refuse to fight against the Reaping.

Thorn's alive!

In a rush

Save the Prince

Save the King

The luck of drunkards


Finish the game without losing any allies through lack of strixes.

The luck of wiseguys

Makt makes it

My name is Thorn

We're saved (Gleda)

The Baptism of the Triune

My name is Pheng

Two hands are better than one

Defeater of death

Kill a reaper with a card.


Finish the game without losing a single battle.

Stupid death

A friend in need


Always sacrifice yourself to keep the Reaping away.


Finish the game without taking Gleda into battle once.

We're saved (Reet)

Tactical genius

Finish the game without losing a single battle or using any cards.

Tin man

Reach Chapter 4 in hardcore mode

We're saved (Philia)

My foe is my friend

Kill two enemies with an Ense.

The hardest choice

Theophany (Gleda)

Wrong choice


My name is Blance

Bronze man

Reach Chapter 7 in hardcore mode

Theophany (Philia)


Win a battle using only Thorn.

Smiling Brann

True to the clan

Theophany (Reet)

Archers rule

Win a battle using only long-range archer attacks.


Kill six adversaries with one card.

The most dangerous man

Increase the attack of a character by more than 40 in a battle.


Kill or rob all the merchants.

Iron man

Beat the game with Thorn and Pheng alive in hardcore mode


Play "The Sacrifice" card with two live characters and still win.


Don't help anybody along the way and don't share any of your strixes.

Broken threads

Kill every character you can.