Fear Equation achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Launch a beacon

Basic Defenses

Construct a single defense from scrap


Complete a scavenging mission


Rescue at least one survivor from a scavenging mission


Perform at least one upgrade

No-One Left Behind

Complete a scavenging mission without losing anyone

Basic Training

Complete the tutorial


Retrieve more than 20 items on a scavenging mission


Make a passenger disappear from a carriage by cutting the power

Too Inspiring

Encounter your first purge

Battery Powered

Complete a mission on battery power


Complete all upgrades in a single category

Don't Stop

Survive a military attack at full throttle

Out Of Supplies

Launch a Hail Mary mission

Out Of The Fog

Reach the final destination with at least one passenger

Advanced Defenses

Construct at least one defense from materials, electronics, chemicals and machinery

Deal With The Devil

Bring a Wanderer onto the train

Playing God

Create a custom passenger


Agree with one party in a dispute


Create a custom Engineer with at least one modifier

Wander No More

Send passengers to kill a Wanderer and have at least one of your party return alive

Railroad Blues

Listen to showtunes on the radio


Encounter your first revolt

The Fog Fantastic

Allow a Wanderer to use their power to teleport the train


Reach the final destination with more than half the train full of passengers

On A Roll

Win 5 battles in a single game against the military during the Blockade scenario


Lose the game after the military destroys the train

Sleep Tight

Allow a Wanderer to use their power to block nightmares

Foggy Screen Of Death

Experience a mission computer malfunction


Successfully defeat the blockade in the Blockade scenario

Swords To Delicious Plowshares

Allow a Wanderer to use their power to transmute defences into food and medicine

Forced Retirement

Lose the game when the passengers revolt

Pyrrhic Victory

You made it to salvation... but at what cost?

Against The Odds

Reach the final destination with a custom Engineer at Very Hard difficulty

Horror Train

Lose at least 50 passengers from power outages

Battle Stations

Win a battle against the military with your weapons optimally configured during the Blockade scenario

Know It All

Find all 5 pieces of intelligence in a single game during the Blockade scenario

It's The Only Way To Be Sure

Lose during the Blockade scenario by running out of time