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No missable achievements (plus 191 unknown)

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Adventure of a Lifetime

Complete the tutorial

Cornering Karzov

Complete the quest: Cornering Karzov

A Hero Emerges

Reach level 10 with one character

Daily Affirmation

Learn about invocation

Let's Ride!

Equip a mount

By Your Side

Collect a companion

Fists of the Warband

Complete the quest: Fists of the Warband

Plague Tower

Complete the quest: Plague Tower


Equip an artifact

Faith in the Fallen

Take a leap of faith


Defeat 500 Orcs


Defeat 500 Bandits

Paragon Hero

Reach level 30 with one character

Grimstorm Keep

Complete the quest: Grimstorm Keep


Defeat 1000 Undead


Earn 50,000 Astral Diamonds

The Clockwork Guild Tomb

Complete the quest: The Clockwork Guild Tomb

The Sanatorium

Complete the quest: The Sanatorium


Defeat 500 Aberrations

The Drowned King

Complete the quest: The Drowned King

The Shadow Falls

Complete the quest: The Shadow Falls


Defeat 500 Devils

Epic Hero

Reach level 60 with one character

Scoundrel's Retreat

Complete the quest: Scoundrel's Retreat


Defeat 500 Kobolds

The Icy Guardian

Complete the quest: The Icy Guardian


Defeat 500 Spiders


Defeat 500 Goblins

The Edge of the Underdark

Complete the quest: The Edge of the Underdark

Source of Corruption

Complete the quest: Source of Corruption


Collect 250 pieces of lore


Defeat 500 Lycanthropes

Barrow Scholar

Learn all about the Barrows


Complete 10 normal dungeons


Defeat 500 Lizardfolk


Defeat 500 Foulspawn

Temple of the Primordial

Complete the quest: Temple of the Primordial


Defeat 500 Drow

Bump in the Night

Defeat 1 Beholder, 1 Gelatinous Cube, and 1 Mimic

Illithid Enclave

Complete the quest: Illithid Enclave


Defeat 50 Giants


Defeat 500 Trolls

Legendary Hero

You have reached level 70 and have become a Legendary Hero! Great deeds await.


Reach level 60 with 2 characters


Defeat 50 Dragons

Undead Pirate Palooza

You looted the depths of Cragmire Crypts.

By The Shores of Tuern

You fought Severin's Dragon Cult allies on the Isle of Tuern.

The King Formerly Known As Malabog

You saved Sharandar from the schemes of Malabog.

Looted Lostmauth's Lair

You plundered Lostmauth's lair and defeated the mighty red dragon.

Run, Kessel, Run!

You prevented Akar Kessel from rebuilding his tower, Cryshal-Tirith.

Into The Wolf's Den

You cleansed the land of Ethraniev Marrowslake's corruption.

All Things End

You put a stop to Valindra and ensured she will never again attack Neverwinter.

Dungeon Master

Complete 25 epic dungeons

Evil Dragon Godesses Not Welcome

You prevented Tiamat from entering the material plane! All in a day's work.

Eye Chirurgeon

Stand eye to eye with your greatest fears

Lolth's Has Her Eye On You

You put a stop to Syndryth's plot to spread Lolth's influence.

Would you look at it? Just look at it!

Discover all Scrying Stones in 14 zones

Dragon's Bane

Defeat 1000 Dragons