Gravi achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Collectible Kid

Gather your first collectible

Grav-I Will Survive!

Complete any chapter without dying

Chapter 1: Big Deal!

Complete all 10 levels of Chapter 1

Perseverance Pays

Chapter 2: No Sweat!

Complete all 10 levels of Chapter 2

Who Goes There?

Take the toothy path in level 22

Collectible Connoisseur

Gather 20 collectibles

Gravi's Eleven

Get in, get the collectible in level 11, and get out

Variety In Death

Five In Five

Complete level 5 in under 5 seconds

Chapter 3: What A Breeze!

Complete all 10 levels of Chapter 3


Take every path through level 22

Chapter 4: Smells Like Victory!

Complete all 10 levels of Chapter 4

Death Defying

Complete level 10 without dying

The Floor Is Spikes!

Complete the last puzzle of level 18 wihout touching the middle island

Use The Force

Complete level 18 without retracting a single shot

Playin' With Fire

Complete level 20 without dying

Keepin' It Cool

Complete level 30 without dying

Collectible Commando

Gather all 40 collectibles


Complete level 14 without shooting more than twice

Go Big Or Go Home!

Complete level 23 without shooting a small shot

No Mucks Given

Complete level 40 without dying

Lickity Split

Complete level 10 in under 37 seconds with the collectible

You Can Do It!


Defeat Anti-Gravi once and for all

What Does The Scouter Say?

Accumulate a total score over 9000