Heat Signature achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 70 unknown)

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End of an Era

Retire Sader Fiasco

Magic Reality

Complete a practice mission


Liberate a station


Complete a Hard (or harder) mission


Complete a Bloodless Clause


Retire as a Living Legend

Objects in Space

Board a ship without docking your pod

Out of Gas

Dock at a friendly station while on emergency fuel


Crash a shield


Complete an Enigma Clause

Known Issue

Cause a sentry to shoot a guard by subverting it


Complete an Audacious (or harder) mission

Living in a Bubble

Reflect a bullet with an emergency shield

Lightning Strike

Take someone out with a melee attack less than 0.5 seconds after Sidewinding

Gold Text

Find a unique item


Complete a Silence Clause


Complete your personal mission

I Wouldn't...

Cause a guard with a subverted shield to shoot themselves

Visitor Pass

Acquire a keycard while Visiting

Conflicted Hitman

Deliver an assassination target alive


Complete a Mistake mission

A Weight Lifted

Be rescued from your captor by the Visitor

Only The Guilty

Complete an assassination mission without harming any other crew

White Knuckle Extraction

Catch a Rescue target in your pod while they're suffocating in space


Make it to a station after your pod has been destroyed

Ghost Thief

Complete a theft without being seen or harming anyone


Kill someone with a Shortblade within 1 second of killing someone with a Longblade


Save someone with the Offworld Angel

Strange Justice

Cause a guard to shoot themselves by Swapping with them


Complete a Pacifist Clause


Complete a Ghost Clause


Take down a Jammer


Teleport to an airlock with the Glitcher's Tick


Pass through a ship's vision undetected in the Sovereign Coldfire


Break a ship with the Foundry Brick

Cauldron of Stars

Start a new galaxy

Shields Down

Take down a Defender

Billions Dead

Outside the Box

Complete an Assassinate mission without entering the ship


Take down a Tracker

Self Help

Rescue one of your own characters

Unauthorised Visitation

Use a second Visitor before the first returns you

They'll Live

Knock a Capture target through a window


Find an item that belonged to a Steam friend's character

One Careful Owner

Complete a Hijack mission in a Warzone

Well Done


Take down a Predator

End Game

Talk to Fiasco after liberating every Stronghold

The Fiasco Reckoning

Completely eliminate a faction from the galaxy

Coming Through

Rescue a friend's character

Glorious I

Complete a Glory I mission

A Good Day

Finish all three missions in a Daily Challenge

Glorious II

Complete a Glory II mission


Hack a telepad to glitch someone into space

Glorious III

Complete a Glory III mission


Complete your personal mission with the Blacklisted trait


Complete your personal mission with the Weak trait

Glitch Sickness

Complete your personal mission with the Glitch Sickness trait


Complete your personal mission with the Shaky trait


Complete your personal mission with the Proud trait


Complete your personal mission with the Dying trait

Glorious IV

Complete a Glory IV mission


Complete your personal mission with the Technophobe trait


Complete your personal mission with the Frail trait

Bloodless Vow

Complete your personal mission with the Bloodless Vow intact

A Perfect Day

Finish all three missions in a Daily Challenge with no penalties or purchases

Glorious V

Complete a Glory V mission

Pacifist Vow

Complete your personal mission with the Pacifist Vow intact

Ghost Vow

Complete your personal mission with the Ghost Vow intact

Week Streak

Play the Daily Challenge every day for 7 consecutive days