Hill Climb Racing 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 52 unknown)

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Or Maybe a Golden Car?

Qualify for Gold II

All Your Cups Are Belong to Me!

Win 5000 cups

My Platinum Is Better Than Yours

Qualify for Platinum III

Tuning 101

Upgrade a part to level 2


Win 100 races


Qualify for Silver I

They Call Me the Rotator

10 backflips

Challenge Champ

Win 100 Challenges


Send a challenge

Car Connoisseur

Purchase all vehicles

Challenge Accepted

Win a Challenge

Can't Run That Far, So I Drive

Drive 1000000 meters

Can't Go Wrong With More Bronze

Qualify for Bronze II

Bring It On

Win 20 Challenges

Platinum Times 2 Equals Progress!

Qualify for Platinum II

Diamond Shows I Care

Qualify for Diamond III

Racing God

Win 10000 races

Double the Fun

Equip two tuning parts to a vehicle


Qualify for Silver III

Driving Where No Bill has Gone Before!

Unlock all adventure tracks

Time to Get a Golden Tooth

Qualify for Gold I

Earning Them Fliplegs!

Make 10 flips

Tuning Legend

Upgrade a part to level 15

How Many Cups Is Enough?

Win 50 cups

Water Run

Drive 10000 meters

I Am Legend

Qualify for Legendary

Milk Run

Drive 100000 meters

I Don't Think This Is Healthy

10 neckflips

Nice Cups!

Win 5 cups

I Expect Great Things Here

Qualify for Platinum I

Parts Collector

Collect all tuning parts of a vehicle

I Go Back as Fast as I Can

100 backflips

Price of Bronze is Up, Sell Sell!

Qualify for Bronze III

I'm a Backwardsman, a Backwards Man

50 backflips

Release the Full Potential

Equip a tuning part to all slots

I'm Going to Throw Up

Make 100 flips

Should Post a Video of These Flips

Make 50 flips

I'm Immortal!

50 neckflips

That Hurt!

5 neckflips

I Need a New Cup Cabinet..

Win 500 cups

Things Are Looking Up!

Qualify for Diamond I

I Need More Cups!

Unlock all cups

Totally Pimped Out

Fully upgrade a vehicle

Just Getting Started

Qualify for Bronze I

Tuning Expert

Upgrade a part to level 5

Losing Is for Losers

Win 1000 races

Tuning Master

Upgrade a part to level 10

Made The Grade

Qualify for racing

Warmed Up!

Win 10 races

Making It Look Easy

Qualify for Silver II

Where Can I Cash In All These Diamonds?

Qualify for Diamond II

A Castle Made of Gold!

Qualify for Gold III