Frozen Synapse Prime achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Nice Shot

Watch a Kill Cam replay

Right Man For The Job

Complete the first Campaign mission.


Get a Silver rank on any Campaign mission

Charons Palm

Get a Gold rank on any Campaign mission

Thoughtful Killer

Complete both Tutorials

Not On My Watch

Complete Nashar: Extraction with both bodyguards alive


Get 20 kills with the Machine Gun unit

Double Eleven

Play the game at either 11:11 am or 11:11 pm

Pinball Wizard

Kill an enemy unit by bouncing a grenade off a wall


With 1 unit wipe out an entire enemy team of 4 or more units

First Blood

Win a multiplayer match

Noob No More

Win your first Instant Skirmish match

Close Combat

Get 20 kills with the Shotgun unit

I See You

Have 3 or more enemy units visible in a match with visibilty set to 'Dark'

Data Mining

In the Campaign extract all of the collectables in any Extraction mission

Sniper Wolf

In a match kill 3 enemy units with 1 Sniper unit


Kill 3 enemy units with 1 explosion

Master Tactician

Win a multiplayer match without losing a single unit


Get 20 kills with the Rocket Launcher unit

Digital Thug

Kill 25 enemy units in Multiplayer

Optimal Prime

Win an Instant Skirmish match in 1 turn

This Is My Rifle

Get 20 kills with the Sniper unit


Get 20 kills with the Grenade Launcher unit


Make a kill with the Devastator unit

Go Commando

Make a kill with the Commando unit

Networked Assassin

Kill 50 enemy units in multiplayer


Complete the campaign

Seasoned Veteran

Play every game mode at least once

Binary Hitman

Kill 100 enemy units in Multiplayer

Prime Directive

Earn all of the other Achievements