Death Pirate achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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You're on the path to Sentai!

Get the combo to 50 or more.

Remember... You had a good teacher.

Get the combo to 100 or more.

What? I'm already done for?!

Complete Stage 1.

Money rules my world.

Save 2000 gold.

Can you do better than me?!

Get the combo to 200 or more.


Complete Mission 10.

It'll soon be over!!!

Complete stage 10.

It can't...

Complete the story mode.

A True Death Pirate

Get Hideo to level 20.

I'm... err... Whatever...

Get Jazz to level 20.

I'm a Hero!!!

Get Judau to level 20.


Get Bishop to level 20.

I'm Xenon the Lord of Darkness!!!

Get Gunter to level 20.

Hey Boy!

Get Rori to level 20.

Justice will prevail!!!

Complete all missions.

I'll stop the Death Pirate!!!

Get Polly to level 20.

Delphi Power!!!

Get 10 Delphicoins!

Delphi Ultra Power!!!

Get all Delphicoins!