Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Fallen Petals

Complete Claude Strife's Request

Et Tu, Brute?

Forge 25 Daggers

For Science

Complete POTaDOS' Request

You Have My Bow

Forge 25 Bows

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

Complete Kratatoes' Request

And My Axe!

Forge 25 Axes

The Galaxy Fulfilled

Hire Okazaki Masamune in your shop

I Have No Meowmory Of This Place

Complete Nyandalf the Grey's Request

The Heart Reforged

Complete Hero's Request


Get 2,500 items from explorations

Pew Pew Pew

Forge 25 Wands

Half-Life 3 Confirmed

Complete Gordon TrappedMan's Request

Chemicals Now Bubbling

Hire Heisenberger in your shop

I Just Want A Good Game

Complete Blue Boy's Request

Open Sesame!

Complete The Locksmith's Request

I Put On My Sword And Special Belt

Complete Kamen Tater's Request

Defeat Is Not An Option!

Complete Spudttousai's Request


Complete David's Request

Crush Your Enemies!

Forge 25 Swords

The Spud Who Lived

Complete Hairy Pota(to)'s Request

Yummy Rum In My Tum

Complete Johnny Sparrow's Request

They See Me Stabbin', They Hatin'

Forge 50 Daggers

Pigeons Are Love, Pigeons Are Life

Hire Nikola Taterla in your shop

A Wizard's Best Assistant

Forge 25 Staffs

Love Wins

Complete Wolverinnie's Request

I'm On Seventeen!

Forge 50 Bows

Hired A God!

Hire Haepharion in your shop

Formed S.P.U.D.

Hire Tony Starch in your shop

She's My What?!

Complete Luke Spudwalker's Request

Sitting Pretty On Forty-Three

Forge 50 Axes


Forge 50 Wands

My Rifles, My Buddy, And Me

Forge 25 Rifles


Forge 25 Spears


Forge 25 Pistols

A Culinary Evolution

Complete Poseidadoes's Request


Collect 5 Molted Plumes for Athena

Not For Killin'

Forge 25 Katanas

Hack And Slash

Forge 50 Swords

Superb Staffcarver

Forge 50 Staffs

Mind Games

Meet Hermes

We Need A New Car!

Complete Julios's Request

Home Run Hitter

Forge 25 Throwing Weapons

Cannons, Away!

Forge 25 Cannons

The Hercluelean Task

Complete Herclueless's Request

One Shot, One Kill

Forge 50 Pistols


Forge 50 Spears

Because We Love Our Land

Forge 50 Rifles

For Peace And Love

Forge 50 Katanas

World Series Whacker

Forge 50 Throwing Weapons

Fire Fight

Forge 50 Cannons