Gravity Badgers achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Badger of Honour

Collect 3 Energy Cores in any level.

Welcome to the Gravity Badgers

Finish all 9 Tutorial levels.

You must like Badgers

Play the game for a total of one hour.

Gravity Badger Captain

Get 75 Energy Cores.

Opened up a whole can of worms

Defeat the first boss.

Come at me Badger!

Defeat the first boss with a perfect score.

Quit badgering me!

Lose to any boss.

Gravity Badger Colonel

Get 150 Energy Cores.

Won't worm your way out of this one

Defeat the second boss.

You must love Badgers

Play the game for a total of five hours.

Who are you calling a skunk?

Defeat the second boss with a perfect score.

You spineless coward!

Defeat the third boss.

Setting you up for a fall

Defeat the third boss with a perfect score.

You must really love Badgers!

Play the game for a total of ten hours.

Let's finish this worm

Defeat the fourth boss.

Committed to the fight

Finish the game.

Badger and Commander

Get all Energy Cores.

Honey Badger don't give a...

Defeat the fourth boss with a perfect score.