Bastard Bonds achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Bastard Buds

Earn someone's trust.

The Final Form?

Ruin a powerful weapon.

No Friend of Mine

Let someone down.

The Perfect Body

Obtain a Devil Adonis.

All the Pretty Colours

Complete the Eccentric Smith's project.

The One from Before

Restore the proper flow of time.

Thou Art Beholden

Have an audience with a Demon Lord.

Swim Toward the Light

Save Captain Logus.

The Torch

Reconnect the estranged couple.


Forge the brothers' emblems together.

Long Way Down

Rescue a hapless friend.

Golden Bond

Attend a friend's second wedding.

Sleeping Giant

Don't let anybody sleep on the floor.


Obtain the darkest arcane power.

Please, May I?

Teach a friend some proper manners.

The Island Mourns

King Eagle

Decide who wins the contest.

The Island Awakens

Broken Mirror

Second-Guess a friend's history.

In Their Cups

Get left out of a game.

Sovereign Star

Find the acoustic sweet spot.

A Cruel Moon

Tear open an old wound.

Not my Kind

Sooth the fears of a monster.

Not for Sale

Disrupt a shady business operation.

What She Wanted

Vent about past regrets.