Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016) achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 46 unknown)

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Boom Goes The Dynamite

Use a grenade.

Welcome To Dead World

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Execute 100 orders in command mode.

Cannon Fodder

Defeat 100 roamers.

AR Master

Defeat 50 enemies with assault rifles.

Now It's Better

Equip an attachment.

Faster & Furiouser

Use fast travel.

Restraining Order

Defeat 100 stalkers.


Fully upgrade a headgear piece or a vest.

Rifle Master

Defeat 50 enemies with rifles.


Find 5 unique locations in hubs.

LMG Master

Defeat 50 enemies with light machine guns.

SMG Master

Defeat 50 enemies with submachine guns.


Open 50 loot crates.

Shotgun Master

Defeat 50 enemies with shotguns.

Urban Decay


Fully upgrade a weapon.

What Are The Odds

Find a rare item in a loot chest.

Grim Reaper

Defeat 1000 enemies total.


Find 10 unique locations in hubs.

This Is My Gun

Name a gun.

Sidearm Master

Defeat 50 enemies with sidearms.

Quest Love

Complete 20 quests.

A Quick Death

Defeat 100 rushers.

All That Glitters Is Gold

Find 50,000 scrap.

Parks & Desecration

Hunt Or Be Hunted

Defeat 100 human enemies.

Master Of Upgrading

Fully upgrade a rare weapon.


Get to the final floor of a dungeon.

Two Heads

Create a plan with another player.

Residential Evil


Scrap 50 weapons.

Dock and Cover


Find 25 unique locations in hubs.

Best Buddies

Complete a quest with another player.

Halfway There

Level a character to 15.

Chester Copperpot

Explore 50 dungeon floors.

Bite The Hand That Feeds

Kitted Out

Equip all four squad members with rare primary weapons.

Projectile Vomit

Defeat 100 spitters.

Fight Together

Fight through 10 dungeon floors with another player.

Rare Loot

Equip a rare uniform, vest, and headgear piece.

Call Me Scoop Life

Henry Jones Jr.

Explore 100 dungeon floors.

Max Power

Level a character to 30.

Shoot The Medic

Defeat 100 breeders.