Elemental Heroes achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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The Lucky Finder

Collect 100 card charges


Dodge 250 physical attacks

Greed For Crystals

Collect 2500 crystals

Greed For Ore

Collect 4000 of ore

Greed For Gems

Collect 2500 gems

Greed For Wood

Collect 4000 of wood

Fast Deck

Purchase 4 cards

Hardcore Player

Purchase 60 card charges

Damage Dealer

Deal 1 000 000 of damage points


Win 50 PVP battles

Tactical expert

The Rich One

Collect 1000 diamonds

The One

Reach 35th Level

Experienced Warrior

Raid Boss Hater

Deal 10 000 000 of damage to Raid Boss

Weekend Mage

Purchase 5 spells

3rd Portal Inhabitant

Kill 100 3rd Portal Bosses

Ultimate Tank

Receive 1 000 000 of damage points

Good News Bringer

Send 100 gifts to friends

Greed For Gold

Collect 5 000 000 of gold

Friendship Wins