Deadlings - Rotten Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Something sticky.

Unlock the Creep.

Something smelly.

Unlock the Gasfat.


Collect 150 brains.


Collect 400 brains.

Grim Reaper

Kill over 100 zombies.

Phase 01

Complete phase 1.

Technology 1

Discover a deadly lasers.

Something lazy.

Unlock the Lazybrain.

Specialist 01

Complete level 04 using one zombie.

Star collector 01

Collect 50 stars.


Collect 800 brains.

Phase 02

Complete phase 2.

Technology 2

Discover an awesome portals!


Finish 20 levels without killing a single zombie.


Kill the zombie with the other zombie.

Star collector 02

Collect 100 stars.

Technology 3

Discover a freezing freezers.

Phase 03

Complete phase 3.

Nightmare 01

Complete 5 levels in Nightmare Mode.

Technology 4

Discover a crazy mutators.

Phase 04

Complete phase 4.

Star collector 03

Collect 150 stars.

Specialist 02

Complete level 14 in less than 10 seconds.


Complete all levels in Normal Mode with maximum rank.

Star collector 04

Collect 200 stars.

Nightmare 02

Complete 20 levels in Nightmare Mode.

Bonus Level 01

Complete all bonus levels.

Nightmare 03

Complete 45 levels in Nightmare Mode.

Nightmare 04

Complete 60 levels in Nightmare Mode.


Complete all levels in Nightmare Mode with maximum rank.

Bonus Level 02

Complete all bonus levels with maximum rank.

Simply the best.

Complete bonus level 10.