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No missable achievements (plus 89 unknown)

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Oh Shiny!

Find 1 Relic

Beginners Luck

Get 2 Critical Clicks in one second

Army General

25 Hero Upgrades

More Equipment, More Power

50 Hero Upgrades

Up and Coming

Level Up Heroes 100 times

Filled with horseshoes

Get 4 Critical Clicks in one second

Taste of Blood

Kill 100 Monsters


Kill 10 Bosses

Baby Steps

Beat Zone 1

Penny Pincher

Hoard 500 K gold

Roman Centurion

100 Hero Upgrades


1000 Clicks

On the rise!

Level up Heroes 500 times

For me?

Receive 1000 K gold

You Call that a Punch?

Reach 1000 K DPS

Almost for Sparta!

200 Hero Upgrades

Breaking Your Mouse

Click 12 times in one second

A Dollar a Day

Hoard 500 B gold


Kill 1000 Monsters

Reaching Capacity

Level Up Heroes 2000 times

A bit much, no?

Receive 1000 M gold

Painful Clicks

Click 14 times in one second

Pow Pow Pow

Reach 100 B DPS

I See the Light!

Ascend 1 Time

Treasure Hunter

Find 10 Relics

Tap Tap Tap

10000 Clicks

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Level Up Heroes 5000 times

Out of hand

Receive 1000 T gold

How many fingers?

Click 25 times in one second

Ol' One Two

Reach 1000 T DPS

Click-bot right?

Click 35 times in one second

Deep Pockets

Hoard 500 Q gold


Kill 100 Bosses

A Mountain of Men

Kill 10000 Monsters

Third Time's the Charm

Ascend 3 Times

Daily Grind

50000 Clicks

Indiana Jones-ing

Find 25 Relics

Pot of Gold

Receive 100 Q gold

Tired Yet?

100000 Clicks

Quick Hitter

Reach 1000 Q DPS

I can do this All Day

Ascend 5 Times

For the Hoard!

Hoard 50'000 O gold

Money Tree

Receive 100 S gold

X Marks the Spot

Find 50 Relics

Clicking Sensei

250000 Clicks

Too Much to Handle

Level Up Heroes 25000

Growing Ten-Fold

Ascend 10 Times

Your Inheritance

Receive 100 N gold

The Sky's the Limit

Level Up Heroes 50000 times

Master Fighter

Reach 1000 S DPS

An Ocean of Gore

Kill 100000 Monsters

Have a Kingdom!

Receive 100 U gold

Legendary Speed

Reach 1000 O DPS

Master Collector

Find 1000 Relics

For Glory!

Ascend 25 Times

Power Hungry

Kill 1000 Bosses

You Must have an Army... right?

Reach 10000 d DPS


Beat Zone 25

Midlife Crisis

Ascend 50 Times

Another off the list

Beat Zone 50

Millions... of... lives

Kill 1000000 Monsters

Numb to War

Kill 1500000 Monsters

Easy Pickings

Beat Zone 100

You call this a Challenge?

Beat Zone 120

A Century of Flight

Ascend 100 Times

Climbing up the Ladder

Beat Zone 140

Up a Hill

Beat Zone 160

Holy Life

Ascend 250 Times

Growing Ego

Kill 10000 Bosses

...have the World?

Receive 100 # gold

A Big Leap

Beat Zone 1200

Your Own Boss

Kill 100000 Bosses

Just Stack Up that Damage

Reach 10000 D DPS

How about a country?

Receive 100 ! gold

Too Fast to Care

Reach 10000 @ DPS

Golden Wonder of the World

Receive 100 & gold

Just take it all!

Receive 100 % gold

Faster Than Light

Reach 10000 $ DPS

Let me pull out my calculator

Receive 1000e68 gold

Across the Desert

Beat Zone 1600

Over the Mountain

Beat Zone 1400

Off to Mars

Beat Zone 2600

Under the Earth

Beat Zone 2200

Across the Universe

Beat Zone 3000

From Ocean to Ocean

Beat Zone 1800

Through the Rainforest

Beat Zone 2000

Into the Void

Beat Zone 3200

Right Past Pluto

Beat Zone 2800

Onto the Moon

Beat Zone 2400