Zoo Tycoon achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 59 unknown)

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Everyone's got to Start Somewhere

Start your first zoo.

If You Build Them

Build your 1st exhibit.

We Can Make it Better

Upgrade an attraction.

Staffing Up

Hire a member of staff.

Smooth Over the Cracks

Repair an attraction or enrichment.

Happy Animal Friends

Keep your average animal happiness in the Green for 20 minutes.

Research Warrant

Research an item.

You're Gonna Eat Lightnin'

Train a member of staff up to level 3.

Upgrading is for Winners

Upgrade an attraction to level 3.

Research Party

Research 10 items.

Award Winner

Receive an award (Challenge Mode only).

Earning a Living

Earn $100,000.

Animal Lover

Make an animal completely happy (Challenge Mode only).


Complete a challenge (Challenge Mode only).

Close to the Animals

Complete all 3 interactions with the animals.

Phase One Complete

Complete a scenario (Campaign Mode only).

Have You Seen this Guy?!

Breed a color variant of an animal.

Multiple Award Winner

Receive 5 awards in the same zoo (Challenge Mode only).

Go Viral

Have a successful Viral Advertising campaign.


Customize 50 different attractions.


Have a guest rating of 10,000 in your zoo (Challenge Mode only).

Number 1 Contender

Complete 25 Challenges (Challenge Mode only).

Snap Happy

Fill a photo album.

I'm a Millionaire!

Earn $1,000,000.

Top of the Charts

Increase your Fame level 100 times across all your zoos.

Are your Legs Tired?

Run 10km.

You've got the Skills

Complete 5 scenarios (Campaign Mode only).

The Concessioner

Build every type of concession in the same zoo.

Build Together, Right Now, In Your Zoo

Build 15 attractions with a friend.

Time for a Tire Change

Drive 25km.

Come On Over to My Place

Invite a friend to your zoo.

World Heavyweight Champ

Complete 100 challenges (Challenge Mode only).

You in? I'm Coming Round

Join a friend's zoo.

A Gift from a Friend

Breed an animal using one gifted from another zoo.

Treat Time

Complete 25 treat interactions.

Shower Time

Complete 25 hose interactions.


Restock the feeding stations 100 times.

Correction, the Mad SkillZ

Complete all the original Campaign scenarios (Campaign Mode only).

A Multimillionaire, Who's Also a Ninja

Earn $10,000,000.

Poop Master

Clear up 1,000 pieces of poop.

No Free Refills

Refill the animal cleaning stations 250 times.

Red Hot Research

Research 256 items.

Play Time

Play with 25 animals.

The Zoo Tycoon

Receive all 20 awards in the same zoo (Challenge Mode only).


Release one of every animal type into the wild. (Original animals only)

One of Each

Breed every original animal type.

One of Everything

Breed every original animal and their color variants.

Photographer Extraordinaire

Fill at least 25 photo albums.