Kelvin and the Infamous Machine achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Complete Chapter 1.

Subito fortissimo

Find the hidden picture in Chapter 1.

On the shoulders of nitwits

Complete Chapter 2.

Frustrated fireman

Hit the unbreakable emergency glass with the hammer three times.


Complete Chapter 3.

A meeting of the minds

Complete the finale.

Actually reading the terms and conditions

Listen to all of the bartender's disclaimers without skipping any.

At least he's good at math

Experience every excerpt from Newton's fanfiction.

Librus distractificus!

Find the hidden picture in Chapter 2.

If it doesn't work this time I quit

Perform a toast with the mug filled to each level.

If it looks like a duck...

Check yourself out in the mirror.

A (semi) private moment

Find the hidden picture in the finale.

Plumbing the depths

Explore the sleeping plant for evidence of a previous meal.

Dream wrangler

Help the sleeping guard catch the centaur.

World's worst hider

Get kicked out of Newton's yard in three different ways.

Did you seriously just GUESS that?

Set the correct combination for the Vitruvian sign without first finding the clue for it.

Let's do the time warp again!

Reset your progress on a chapter you've 100% completed.

You didn't hear it from me, but...

Find the hidden picture in Chapter 3.

Blasts from the past

Dodge Lupin's laser shots until he runs out of one-liners.

Real-life time traveler

Start up the game before a certain other time-traveling adventure game was even released.