Inbetween Land achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Happy Toby

Give the toy back to the dog

Journey Begins

Get to the island through the portal

Archimedes' Apprentice

Open the well hatch in the utility room

Hello, Robot

Visit the lake with the robot

Steel Handshake

Retrieve the crystal from the lake with the robot's help

Island Mystery

Learn about the island from Mary

Let There Be Light

Illuminate the library basement

Kind Heart

Feed the pet in the library basement

Music Box

Fix the music box in the library


Open the doors in the tower corridor


Create a new flask in the oven


Make the solvent

All Crystals

Bring all the crystals back to the Main Hall

Ready to Go

Start the island's motor


Open the looters' safe


Complete the numbered door minigame without skipping

Story Time

Watch all game cutscenes


Complete the microscope minigame without skipping

Sense of Color

Complete the books minigame without skipping

Eagle Eye

Complete the combinations minigame without skipping


Complete the associations minigame without skipping

Tag Master

Complete the tag minigame without skipping


Complete the blocks minigame without skipping

Perfect Game

Complete the whole game without using a hint

Puzzle Solver

Complete all minigames without skipping

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