Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 42 unknown)

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Hell is Full

Kill 100 zombies cumulatively


Get any survivor to level 10 in some skill

Civic Erection

Build a City Hall

You're the Wiener

Finish any city on any difficulty


Complete scenario city 1

Dead Again

Kill 1000 zombies cumulatively

Assembly Line

Produce 100 items in the workshop cumulatively


Become allies with any faction


Destroy any faction

The Precious Juice

Fix a Power Plant

El Pacifisto

Be allies with every faction in the city

Cow Clicker

Generate a surplus of 50 food per day from farms

Need More Hands

Find 100 items while scavenging cumulatively

Death Machine

Kill 10,000 zombies cumulatively

Rocket Scientist

Equip a Rocket Launcher

Heroes Never Die

Get any survivor to defense level 20 (includes equipment)

Fully Completely

Reclaim the entire city

Up Up and Away

Repair an airplane and fly away

The Eradicator

Destroy every faction on the map


Have a survivor with 10 in every skill


Finish any city by day 50

Gong Hey Fat Choy

Light off Fireworks

Gangs of Deadsville

Complete the Gangs of Deadsville questline

Gentlemanly Conduct

Declare peace with a faction

Never Trust a Pig Farmer

Complete the Pig Farmer questline

Return to New York

Complete the Return to New York questline

Gustav's Special Stock

Become Gustav's friend and get his special deals

Year's Supply

Have 365 food at once


Complete every research project


Have 50% of survivors become cultists


Complete the final scenario city

I See the Medicine

Have 5 hospitals, 10 medkits, and 100 medicine at once

Like the Dead Sea

Use 50 bath salts in one game

That was Hard

Finish any city on Hard difficulty


Equip every survivor with a gun

The Many of Us

Have 100 survivors at once

Fuzzy Wuzzies

Equip 10 animals


Finish any city on Impossible difficulty

Death Forever Death Assured

Kill 100,000 zombies cumulatively


Discover the true origin of the disease


Fully infect the Dahlias with your cultists

Evil Cannibals

Eat enough people to be considered evil cannibals