303 Squadron: Battle of Britain achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 48 unknown)

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Boiler with Wings

Boil the engine

Keep up!

Shoot down your first foe

Hard Contact

Ram the enemy

Not a Scratch

Finish a mission without sustaining any damage

Welcome to Northolt

Read the Zumbach's prologue

Genuine wings

Finish a mission in a Realistic Mode

Rewriting History

Shoot down the enmy in Tutorial

Put Differences Aside

Protect Major Kellet during "The Baptism of Fire"

So It Begins

Finish the first week

Crazy Pole

Shoot down the enemy plane while flying head-on

Born Ace

Shoot down 5 enemies during one sortie

Who eats the remains...

Shoot down the enemy craft with that one last bullet

Glider Lad

Shoot down the enemy craft with disabled engine

Your Grandkids Will Love It

Do a 360 degree jum on bicycle

Angel of Vengeance

Shoot down the enemy plane while diving sharply

Heavy Fighting

Finish the second week

A Bloody Submarine

Shoot down the enemy plane while climbing steeply

In Every Detail

Shoot down 25 enemy planes with KillCam

Avid Reader

Read all the scribblings scattered throughout RAF Northolt

Healthy attitude

Achieve a 10km total distance of running at Station

FrantiĊĦek's Fan

Shoot down a retreating enemy aircraft


Shoot down all bombers by yourself in any mission

The Battle of London

Finish the third week

Improvements? Eye, eye!

Eat a carrot

Kind of Aces

Shoot down 100 enemy planes

Die, Little Spy

Shoot down the spy plane in "Good Morning, General!"

His Royal Majesty

Finish the fourth week

Vengeance Time

Finish the fifth week

Owe it to The Few

Finish the game

Dreams Fulfilled

Unlock the Spitfire

One Fix Does It All?

Finish the game without visiting the Mechanic (except tutorial)

Remember Your Roots

Pay your respects to the Flag

God Save the King

Pay your respects to the King

Saved by the bell

Ring your bicycle bell at 10 people

Experienced hunter

Shoot down 20 of each enemy plane type

Never Quenched

Gather 13 bottles of Whisky

Herd Instinct

Keep on running with the soldiers

Polish Space Program

Reach the max possible altitude

Jolly ol' Tinkerer

Use the Mechanic Mode 20 times

Save Your Soles

Keep cycling with the running soldiers

Talkative Type

Have every conversation possible


Shoot down 8 enemy planes without reloading

Spitting Fire

Finish a custom mission in a Spitfire


Finish each mission in Realistic Mode

Just like autumn back home

Pick 100 mushrooms

Tour de Northolt

Achieve a 50km total distance of bicycle rides

Top Gun

Finish each mission with a highest score

The Toughest One

Finish eachmission on the highest difficulty settings