Life Goes On achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Meet Jeff

What does the fuzzy thing do?


You killed Jim the Prolific and stopped the problem at the source.

You Know We Had To


One thousand knights squandered.


Prune Jim's family tree, one branch at a time.

Stress Relief

Precision Air Drop

One body does not count as a Carpet.

Inefficient Use of Human Resources

Enter Orbit

No Vacancy

How many knights can you lose on Straight to the Point?

Soul Crushing

Maximum misfortune in Maximum Security.


Jeff is satisfied.

Beat the Devs

No skips. No restarts. One run. How fast can you go?

Master of Magnetism

Check point two, check point one to prove your skill on Equal and Opposite.

Rapid Sacrifice

Beating all the clocks.

Merciful Leader

Mercy is its own reward, so have a prize!


That's... a lot of badges.

Law of Knight Conservation

Prove that you are the master of Tenuous Links.

There's Really Nothing Over Here

Nothing to see, move along.

Room For One More

All the Things