Broken Age achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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Please Don't Tell Anyone

She's Doomed Us All

Escape the Maidens Feast


There Is Hope

Get to the ship's brain

Mother and Child Reunion

Reunite a mother and child

Question Your Elders

Learn all you can about Sugar Bunting

"My Lightness!"

Return a heavy duty spaceship part

"What's up with all the feathers?"

Commission a custom garment

Something Not Light About Her

Leave an isolated town

"I'll bet the undercarriage on this baby is shot."

Get a family member's help on a big project

Get Hyper

Return a missing spaceship part


Inhibit a powerful entitiy


Travel to a forbidden location

Turn That Frown Upside Down


Holy Smokes

Deploy a weapon of mass destruction

"And, they do windows!"

Find a genius

Small Things Can Surprise You

Go With Your Instincts

Chart a course away from danger

Make Up for Some Hygiene Demerits

Get to know someone in a precarious position


"Not everyone has the stomach for perfection."

Uncover an unsavory scheme


Complete Broken Age

We Talked That Fight Right Out of You

Talk to the boss

Greetings from Obvious Town

Reconnect with some old friends

Picky Eater

She Must Have a Reason

He Must Have a Reason

"What can I say? I know boots."

Answer some tough questions quickly

The Next Most Logical Course of Action

"That kind of thing can be pretty convincing."

Get to know a stranger

How'd I Do?

Follow up on a successful performance

Sick of Fish

Visit someone in jail

Knot Too Difficult

Clear up a tangled situation in one attempt

Is Something Wrong?

Make a Spoon Sweat

Make Like a Tree and Laugh

Tell a great joke in one attempt

Not Good With Directions

Endure a tight situation as long as you can

Produce Distributor

Feed two different people a healthy snack

"Eh, eh-eh. Eh eh, eh-eh!"

No Retreat

Execute a PERFECT escape

Flawless Execution

Complete all rescue missions with zero errors

Gary Has His Reasons

Hear 20 reasons why Gary won't grab that

Are You Trying to Get Rid of Me?

Find 30 unique reactions to the Spoon

Let's Get This Good Time Over With

Complete Broken Age in under an hour, not counting loading and paused gameplay.


Unlock all Broken Age Achievements