Morphine achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Walking Airplane! ✈

A Walking Airplane! ✈


Find Horseshoe at First Try.

Hidden Rabbit!

Find Hidden Rabbit.

Rabbits Team

North Evoque High School Sports

Rich Club

Are You Rich?

Lockpicking Master!

Successfully Unlocked After First Try!

Cute Rabbit ♥

Maybe Not.

10 Journal Collected!

10 Journal Successfully Collected!

Swing Ride

Sit on The Swing

Collected More Than 15 Journal!

Successfully Collected More Than 15 Journal!



End of The Line

End of The Line

Ride 15 Sec

Spent 15 Seconds on Swing


Forgive William

Rabbit Lover ♥

You Looked The Rabbit for 10 Sec

6 Bullet 4 Bottle

4 hit out of 6 try, not bad

Pickaxe Detector!

Try to Find the Pickaxe Less Than 15 Seconds

6 Bullet 3 Bottle

4 hit out of 3 try, not bad

Hay Key Less 3 Try! ⚿

Try to Find the Hidden Key Less Than Three Times

Do Not Be Late

Do not be late to class

Malkoçoğlu Firar

Kimi ağza giriyor kimi burna giriyor.


Kill William

Hay Key! ⚿

Find Hidden Key at First Try.

Fee Drinks

Drink Free Coke