Starbound achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 52 unknown)

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Congratulations on Your Graduation!

Survive the Protectorate. It could have been worse.

The Simple Life

Harvest a crop. See what happens when you eat it.

Adventurer Eventuality

Just like mum used to make!

Practice your chef skills. Try not to harm anyone.

The Wanderer

Meet Esther.

Amateur Bard

Collect your first musical instrument! Keep playing, even when everyone begs you to stop.

Not in Front of the Children!

Defeat Mother Poptop. Every Poptop you meet from here on out is a lonely orphan.

The Hopeful

Fix your ship.

Book Club

Find a Codex. On Earth it's rude to read other people's diaries.

Protected Protector

Obtain an entire set of armour. Now use dye to make your armour fabulous.

Augmented Reality

Augment your EPP. Now it's an AEPP.

The Brave

Return Nuru to the outpost.

First Mate

Recruit your first crew member. Captain!

Ending Prohibition

Defeat the dastardly Dreadwing. Bring joy to penguins everywhere.


Incapacitate an innocent bystander. You monster.

The Wise

Return Koichi to the outpost.

Monster Whisperer

Capture a monster. How does it fit in that tiny ball?

Traveling in Style

Obtain a cool vehicle. Pop some sweet wheelies.

The Devout

Return Tonauac to the outpost.

Perfectly Generic Achievement

Obtain the mythical perfectly generic item.

Home Sweet Home

Attract your first colonist. Make sure you treat them right.

Shock and Awe

Defeat the Shockhopper MK I. Notice it rarely hops.

The Resilient

Return Lana Blake to the outpost.

King Barbarian

Become champion of the arena. Crush your foes like an orange sorbet.

Sweet Revenge

Kill 100 small flying monsters. They had it coming.

The Loyal

Return the Baron to the outpost.

Starbound Valley

Harvest 30 unique crops. Start thinking about who you'd like to romance and that barn extension.

Feathered Friend

Recruit a penguin mercenary from the Beakeasy.

The Protector

Defeat the Ruin.

Too Heavy to Kick

Destroy a robot chicken. Don't try to eat it.

Bug Tracker

Capture your first bug with a bug net. Esther would be proud.

Captain of the Year

Recruit at least 12 crew members. Consider starting a pension plan.

You're aMAZEing!

Complete Mazebound. You only need to beat it 300,000 times to win a slide whistle.

From the Ashes

Build a large colony. Well done Protector!

A Helping Hand

Complete 10 quests for your colonists. Feel like an asset to the community!

Culinary Century

Prepare at least 100 unique dishes. Bonus points if they're edible.

Cramped Colony

Build 5 homes in a very small space. This isn't a healthy way for anyone to live.

Cosmic Curator

Complete the Cosmic Museum's cosmic collection.

Alien Archaeologist

Restore a complete fossil. Make wild assumptions about what it used to be.

Nox's Apprentice

Kill another player. Unity is overrated anyway.

A Cheeky Chore

Complete 25 quests for your colonists. These guys sure do ask a lot of you don't they...

All Walks of Life

Attract 10 unique tenants. Marvel at their collective peculiarity.

A Motley Crew

Recruit one crew member from every race. It's like a teeny tiny protectorate.

Not a Llama

Obtain a complete alpaca costume. Use it only for good!

A Tireless Task

Complete 50 quests for your colonists. When did this become your full time job?

Well Read

Find 100 unique codex items. Study them all, prepare for a pop quiz.

Mint Condition

Collect at least 50 unique action figures. Insist to your friends they're actually called statuettes

Them Bones

Unearth 55 unique fossils. Try not to pay attention to the ones that are alarmingly humanoid.

Bug Free

Catch 42 unique bugs. Give them all funny names.

Armour Aficionado

Collect 210 unique pieces of armour. See how many you can wear at the same time. (Spoiler, it's 3).

Destroyer of Worlds

Move a planet's worth of blocks. If you weren't using a Matter Manipulator you'd be ripped.