Kio's Adventure achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Save the game

First time to save the game


Am I dead?

The first blood

Feel painful

Curiosity killed the cat

Something should not be touched

Weird picture

Find weird picture

Scare me suddenly

The map is bad

Where is Sadako

I think she is out


I want some drinks

Shoot me if you dare

Be brave!

Good patient

Wait until get in C's room

Himouto Kio

If I can be a himouto

Doing doesn't match thinking

Saying no while doing yes

Don't be greedy

Greed curses you

Beat the boss at bathroom

Beat the boss at bathroom

Ignore his advice

You deserve to die

Only can see

Free the hands first


No zuo no die

Stupid design

Who figure out this idea?

Skating expert

Quickest skating

Big fan

Get the photo from Stan


Beat the final boss

Useless technology

Especially in such bad world

Watch the animation

Completely watch the animation of key srhinking

A gift

Get a gift from Light

He made this!

Find WHO made this game

Dumb ways to die

Collect all of dead pitures

Meet the murderer

Can't wait to meet Bobo

A long story

Too long and I don't understand

It's high noon

Beat the final boss only use pistol

Here they are

Find all of hidden rooms

Sneak to touch the picture

Touch the picture when sneaking at Bobo's living room

Don't cure yourself

Don't cure yourself