Flip achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Finished the first level

Star Gazer

Earned 100 stars


Mastered the 3rd level from Simple

Back For More

Played again a level in Random Puzzles Mode


Did 1000 flips

Star Collector

Earned 500 stars

Second Thoughts

Undid 1000 flips

Seen It All

Played at least one puzzle from each level

Done It All

Finished at least one puzzle from each level


Earned 1000 stars


Finished 10 levels


Played 1000 puzzles


Finished all Wired levels

Super Flipper

Did 10000 flips

Upside Down

Finished all Sided levels

Keep It Simple

Finished all Simple levels


Finished 20 levels

Art Collector

Finished all Image levels

Rainbow Warrior

Mastered the 9th level from Simple

Image Master

Mastered all the puzzles of the Image type

Master Of The Universe

Mastered all puzzles and finished the game completely

All The Way Back

Undid 10000 flips

Master Of Simplicity

Mastered all the puzzles of the Simple type

Knot Master

Mastered all the puzzles of the Wired type

Master From All Sides

Mastered all the puzzles of the Sided type