Hidden: On the trail of the Ancients achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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The beloved music box

Fix the music box.

Scopelli's room

Find a way into what used to be Adriano Scopelli's room.

Nikolay Petrov's Memories

«I was in the front during the beginning of the Great War...»

The stone idol

Find and take a picture of the strange idol.

The ancient artifact

Find the artifact which Adriano Scopelli mentions in his letters.

A peculiar diagram

Find and collect information regarding Scopelli's diagram.

The expeditioner

Complete your mission at the boarding house.

An essential request

Find the device mentioned by Dr. Laura Garmendia.

Fragments of charcoal

Ritual master

Get rid of the creature.

Russian medals from the Great War

Photographic evidence

The will of Eneko

Find and protect the valuable object mentioned by Eneko.

The expedition

Gathers information from the expedition , see what happened.

A determined mind

Completed the first part: "On the trail of the Ancients".

Ritual necklace

Unique inca figurine

Insatiable reader

Read all books and notes.

The librarian

Find and examine all books.

The meticulous observer

Examine every painting and picture in the boarding house.

Smith and Wesson Model 3 Revolver

Old School adventurer

Finish the game without using the hints system.

Collector of the unknown

Collect all findings.