League of Mermaids achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Talisman of Atlantis

Complete Level 1-5: Three Bowls.

Magic Ring

Complete Level 1-10: The Bowl of Thunders

Crown of Poseidon

Complete Level 1-15: The Crown of Poseidon

Pendant of Virtue

Complete Level 2-5: Pillars of Fate

Ancient Goblet

Complete Level 2-8: Wheels of Wisdom

Diadem of Light

Complete Level 2-12: Tangled

The Crystal Heart

Complete Level 2-15:Treasure Cages.

Mask of Eternity

Complete Level 3-5: The Whirling Tower

Ring of Power

Complete Level 3-11: Mysterious Ruins

Scepter of the Seas

Complete Level 3-15: Vault of the Deep

Pearl of Honor

Get all stars in Chapter 1

Pearl of Power

Get all stars in Chapter 2

Pearl of Triumph

Get all stars in Chapter 3

Goddess of Curiosity

Reach 1000m in the Bottomless Trench

Goddess of Wisdom

Get all stars in the Classic Puzzles mode

Goddess of Tranquility

Achieve the Master Treasure Hunter rank in Zen mode.