Interstellaria achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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A New Start

You've taken control of a single crewmen. Now to build up to fleet!

Clear Victory

Take on multiple ships without taking any damage

Tutorial Complete

You've completed the tutorial, now upgrade your starmap to unlock all available planets!

Crash Landing

You've fought a very powerful alien vessel, and lost.

You've Escaped

You're alone in the galaxy. Find help!

Bought an Item

Trading is the most lucrative method of getting money!

Interstellaria Acquired

Hey, it's the Interstellaria! So that's what it is!

Nomad Defeated!

You've beaten a stereotypical villain, but what was his motivation?

Bought New Ship

Your new crib is mad fly

Ruins Explored

Found an ancient slab


Take on 3 ships with 1, and win!

Hired A Robot

Robots listen to orders. They can't carry guns or armor. No understanding between the hand and brain without hearts as mediators.

Clean Up

You've aided in an important clean up!


A crewmen has made a new friend. For life.

Big Teeth

You've aided another race in their cause

Cargo Runner

You have $200,000dy liquid cash. You've made enough money to dream of electric sheep

Abductor: defeated!

Abduuuctoooorssss!! You've taken one on in person, and lived!


Your action may have changed the course of the future.

Still Alive

Return to space from a planet with less than or equal to 1 health left

Odd Plans

We've found an important world to the enemy. Where will it lead us?

Forgotten Ground

Find a hidden sector of space.

The Truth

You've uncovered a terrible truth

All Alone

Adventure onto a planet without other crewmen. Maybe your crewmen has the illusion of free will?


You've met with a shady character.

A Strange Place and a Strange Man

You've traveled to an odd planet, and found important information.

A Showdown

You took on a big enemy.

Award Claimed!

You've stopped the abductions, and claimed the $1,000,000dy reward!

Holy Armor

Leave combat with less than 1 armor