Archaica: The Path of Light achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Divine Aid

Collect 15 Cells.

Chosen one

Complete the Initiation Ring and activate the Realmgate.


Collect 15 devices for the Almanach.

Wise Man

Collect chronicles from 3 realms.

Dedicated wanderer

Complete 20 levels by finding all collectibles.

Forgotten wells

Find and activate the Primal Well in the Desert City.

Deep sleep

Put the Goddess of Fire into a deep slumber.

Dying Light

Find and collect the Dark Crystal for the Almanach.


Complete one of the Great Realms without using a hint.

In the footsteps of the Path builders

Activate Stone Keys in 10 levels.

Filled wells

Activate all Lightwells.

The mystery of the Megaliths

Find and activate all Megaliths.