ATOMINE achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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A good start

Complete Level 4

V. 1.2b

Unlock V. 1.2b

V. 2.0

Unlock V. 2.0

Was it worth it?

Upgrade VI

Reach version 6 in a single run

Crazy World

Complete Level 5

V. 1.7

Unlock V. 1.7

Is it a secret?

Reach a secret zone

Good Game

Reach 500 points in a Run

Just a bit faster

V. 2.7

Unlock V. 2.7

V. 3.0

Unlock V. 3.0

Just a little more

Complete Level 9

Was it a hydra?

Complete Level 8


Upgrade XII

Reach version 12 in a single run

Right in the face

V. 2.5

Unlock V. 2.5


Find 16 modules in a single run

Less than a Bit

Complete Level 4 with 0.5 of Energy


Check mate?

Complete Level 12

System Breached

Complete a Run

V. 1.5

Unlock V. 1.5

Damage Bubble

You needed it

Improve the blaster

First Love

Complete Core with V. 1.0

Power of Science


Just in time!

Can you stop it?

Turn off

Who hacks the hackers?

Where is the front?

V. 3.11

Unlock V. 3.11

Disco Music


Last love

Complete Core with V. 3.11