Race Arcade achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Starting line

Win your first race.

Introductory C

Finish a season in the rally car career.

Points taken

Achieve 150 points playing career mode.


Finish a season in the formula career.

Car Whisperer

Finish the rally car career.

Small Time Professional

Win all races in one of the short seasons.

Online Driver

Win an online race.

Effortless Driver

Finish a season in the motorcycle career.

All your car are belong to me

Unlock six vehicles.


Finish the formula career.

Requirement For Velocity

Finish a season in the sportscar career.

Johnny Bucke

Finish a season in the tractor career.


Finish a season in the UFO career.

Heck's Seraph

Finish the motorcycle career.

Hot Rod

Finish a race with a flame colored vehicle.

Got Some Skills

Win all races in one of the medium seasons.

Too Quick Too Angry

Finish the Sportscar career.

Tr00 racer

Achieve 100 wins.


Finish the Tractor career.

Patient Mind

Win all races in one of the long seasons.

Unrecognised Floating Ornament

Finish the UFO career.

A racer gotta do what racer gotta do

Complete 1000 laps.

Online Career

Win 10 online races.

Croesus Coinus

Collect 10,000,000 coins.

A Long Road

Win 50 online races.

Online Racer

Play 500 online races.

Universal Trucker

Play 1000 online races.

Global Champion

Win 100 online races.