Caveman Craig achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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The Art of Dragging Stuff

Have one of your gatherers become a veteran in conquest mode

Petty Thug

Steal a carcass from enemy territory

Axe and Foot

Have one of your preparers become a veteran in conquest mode

A Hunter Well Trained

Have one of your hunters become a veteran in conquest mode

Neil before Me

Complete the 1st conquest level

Rock 'n' Rock!

Kill 50 dinosaurs

Educasion, who neds it?

Fully teach 30 cavemen

Neighbour Pains

Kill a caveman while in your own territory by throwing rocks across the border

The Fruits of Labour

Harvest 50 bushes

Johnorable Mention

Complete the 2nd conquest level

Rock'n the Rock 'n' Rock!

Kill 150 dinosaurs

Herd them Coming

Take down an entire herd of Parasaurolophus'

Victory over Nudity

Complete the 3rd conquest level

Club Sandwich

Deal a final blow to Jurassic John

Cooking Academy

Have a preparer learn both tasks before he reaches 30 seconds old

Trojan Hero

Complete the 4th conquest level

Spears don't phase me

Deal a final blow to Prehistoric Pete

Covert Escape

Get removed from the enemy territory by an Allosaurus

Joe Blow

Deal a final blow to Trojan Joe

Caveman's best Friend

Breed a family of more than 10 pet dinosaurs

A furry good Battle

Complete the 5th and final conquest level

You are not the Walrus

Find the Walrus!

Conqueror of Boggdrop

Complete the Game

Yowie Kazowie!

Deal a final blow to Sasquatch Steve

Bare Hands

Complete the 1st conquest level without buying cavemen

Knock 'em Dead

Use combined mushroom effects to send an enemy flying

Great Balls of Fire

Reach stage 4 in the meteor dodge challenge


Never return to your cave in a level of conquest


Use combined mushroom effects to fight with all you've got

Blue Feather Collector

Fill the blue feather bar in the 4th conquest level

Green Feather Collector

Fill the green feather bar in the 4th conquest level

Yellow Feather Collector

Fill the yellow feather bar in the 4th conquest level

Epic Stompage

Reach a score of 6000 or higher in the rock stomp challenge

Red Feather Collector

Fill the red feather bar in the 4th conquest level

Pre Historian

Collect all the pieces of the tablet in the 3rd conquest level

Dino Posse

Use combined mushroom effects to let the dinosaurs do the killing

Kill it with Fire

Destroy a checkpoint within 15 seconds using fire

Anti Climax

Take down a T-rex within 5 seconds


Convert 3 enemy veteran cavemen

It died from Above

Witness a pterodactyl be crushed by a meteor

Master of Survival

Reach a tribe size of 10 in a custom survival game with hardest dinosaur difficulty (and all dinosaurs enabled)

Master of Conquest

Win a custom conquest game on the hardest tribe difficulty

Who the crudd is Derek?

Have, like, 20 cavemen named Derek.

Zombie Apocalypse

Create the zombie apocalypse

Primordial Cannibal

Somehow drag a dead caveman back to your cave