Convoy achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Stay A While

Complete twenty scenarios

Friendly Fire

Have an enemy unit kill another enemy unit


Kill 35 enemies in a single run

Optimal Strategy

Kill an enemy without taking any damage


Kill 250 enemies in total

Roughneck Rampage

Defeat the Raider miniboss

Made It

Defeat the boss

Dragon Slayer

Defeat the dragon

Omek Explorer

Travel 6000 KM in a single run

Prime Customs

Fully upgrade 4 units and the MCV in a convoy

Techno Troubles

Defeat the TORVAK miniboss

Bumper Cars

Win a combat without firing a shot

Finders Keepers

Defeat Andy


Have 2000 bolts to spare


Kill 1000 enemies in total

Big Haul

Deliver all ship parts in a single drop

Plundering Pirates

Defeat the Privateer miniboss

High Tech

Defeat the boss without using Machine Guns, Cannons or Rocker Launchers

Made It on medium

Defeat the boss on medium difficulty

Low Tech

Defeat the boss without using Laser, Plasma or Railgun weapons


Defeat the boss without doing any side objectives or radio signals

Repo Man

Steal some vehicles from a TORVAK base

Sole Survivor

Win 10 consecutive battles with only the MCV in your convoy

Made It on hard

Defeat the boss on hard difficulty

Gas Guzzler

Spend 10000 fuel in total

Lucky Fether

Win the jackpot in the Lucky Peacock slotmachines

Close Combat

Defeat the boss without firing a shot

Out of gas

Get shot over a compression coil

Travelling light

Defeat the boss with only light vehicles