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No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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No Stone Unturned

Find the Humans First pamphlet in the garage

Baggage Handler

Get the blue briefcase after arrival

Sinister Truth

Discover how the chip got into the house

Home Alone

Find out why Masaya is alone at home

Movie fan

Watch 8 Jimmy videos in Intruder

Investigation training

Complete Intruder investigation training

Hero of the Day

Dispose of the bomb


Finish a game of 20 Questions with Charlie

Clue Eraser

Remove 10 infiltration clues by placing 10 objects in Intruder


Watch 11 Jimmy videos in Intruder

Open Sesame

Get Charlie to let you into a locked room

Clue removal training

Complete Intruder clue removal training

Clue Eraser Pro

Remove 14 infiltration clues by placing 14 objects in Intruder

Into the sunset

Hitch a ride with William and complete Arrival

Clue Eraser Master

Remove all inflitration clues by placing 18 objects in Intruder

Movie critic

Watch 14 Jimmy videos in Intruder

You're hired!

Complete Intruder basic investigation (see 5 key videos) and remove 14 clues (place 14 objects)

We're a great team!

Get 5 different hints from MIKI-05