GravBlocks achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 80 unknown)

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That's a Cinch!

Completed your first Story Mode task.


Activated a Bomb Block.


Activated a Wild Block.

What Happened?

Changed gravity the first time (any mode but Puzzle).

Double D'OH

Masterfully destroyed useful GravBlocks with a Bomb Block.

Getting Started!

Cleared 5 blocks with one move (any mode but Puzzle).

A Bomb in the Hand...

Clear two or more colors with a single Bomb Block.


Shamefully dropped a Wild or Bomb Block into a Hazard.

Around the World!

Changed gravity in each direction once (any mode but Puzzle).

Lucky Shot

Changed gravity twice in under 15 seconds (any mode but Puzzle).

Fast Revolution

Change gravity in all directions in one game.

Einstein and Hawking would be proud!

Cleared 15 Puzzles with one attempt.

Dangerous Gravity

Changed Gravity without losing blocks, AND without a Wild active (speed 11 or higher).

Been There, Done That!

Cleared 5 blocks 200 times.

One alien jerk down!

Complete the first test segment in Story Mode.


Cleared Stage 1 Puzzle set.

Still Easy

Cleared Stage 2 Puzzle Set.

Building that Score

Reached the x5 Multiplier.


View the Tutorial

Some Guys from Nothing

Watched the Credits all the way through.

Rockin' the Rainbow like Dio

Destroyed one of every colored block with Bomb Blocks.

Getting Good!

Cleared 10 blocks with one move (any mode but Puzzle).

Flying Right Through These!

Cleared Stage 3 Puzzle Set.

Flawless Victory!

Finish an entire Story Test Segment without a Game Over.

Ohh, Head scratchers!

Cleared Stage 4 Puzzle Set.

Hey that is Easy!

Reached Level 5 (from Level 1 - Challenge).

Einstein Weeps

Failed a single puzzle more than ten times.

Hawking Weeps

Racked up 30 failed attempts in Puzzle Mode.

Hey, this is getting tough...

Reached Level 20 (from at least Level 5).

That didn't change a thing!

Match all four Gravity Blocks at once.

Hey, that wasn't bad...

Reached Level 10 (from Level 1 - Challenge).

Screw the Help

Cleared Destruction Mode manually rather than using GravBlocks.

Scratching a Bald Spot?

Cleared Stage 5 Puzzle Set.

Damaged Scalp?

Cleared Stage 6 Puzzle Set.

Quick Clean Slate

Cleared Destruction Mode in under 5 minutes (Level 11 or higher).

Feels Like I'm Scratching Bone!

Cleared Stage 7 Puzzle Set.


Reached Level 30 (from at least Level 10).

That's two alien jerks!

Complete the second test segment.

What Slate!

Cleared a Destruction Mode game in under 1 minute (Level 11 or higher).

Master Improver

Replayed 15 puzzles with faster\ntimes (Stage 5 or higher).


Activated 100 Bomb Blocks.

And there's gray matter on the walls!

Cleared Stage 10 Puzzle Set.

Conquering that Score

Reached the x10 Multiplier.

Gray Matter Matters

Cleared Stage 8 Puzzle Set.

Faster Master

Cleared a puzzle in under 5 seconds (Stage 8 or higher, replays allowed).

Brain Hemorrhage

Cleared Stage 9 Puzzle Set.

Pure Zen

Maintained a multiplier of at least x5 for 10 minutes (Zen Mode).

Zen Beast

Scored over a million points during a single Zen game.


Activated 100 Wild Blocks.

Dizzy O.o!

Changed gravity 100 times.

Three alien jerks a crowd!

Complete the third test segment.

The Wizard

Played every game mode at least 10 times.


Activated 500 Bomb Blocks.

Tested out of Jerktown!

Complete the fifth test segment.


Activated 500 Wild Blocks.

Smoking Brain Crater

Cleared Stage 11 Puzzle Set.


Cleared 100,000 total blocks.

Maximum Clearinator

Cleared 500,000 total blocks.

Maximizing that Score!

Reached the x5 Multiplier 100 times.

Master of the Grays

Cleared Stage 15 Puzzle Set.

Cosmic Mental Evolution

Cleared Stage 12 Puzzle Set.

Close encounters of the jerk kind!

Complete story mode one time.

Life after 30.

Played Challenge Mode to Level 40.

Been There, Done That ... Again!

Cleared 10 blocks at once 100 times.

Record of Improvement

Set a new personal high score 5 times in the Leaderboard (Challenge).

Super Brain Galaxy

Cleared Stage 14 Puzzle Set.

Resistance is Futile

Cleared Stage 13 Puzzle Set.

Four alien jerks topped!

Complete the fourth test segment.

Block Master!!

Played GravBlocks 20 times.


Destroyed 1000 blocks in Destruction Mode.

Better than Working

Racked up 100,000,000 total points across all modes.

They're not Zombies!

Cleared 53,597 blocks using the Bomb Block.

Conquering the Game!

Reached the x10 Multiplier 150 times.


Changed gravity 1000 times.

Show off.

Scored over 5,000,000 points in one game.

Zen Zone

Scored over 5 million points during a single Zen game.

Master Destroyer

Destroyed 5,000 blocks in Destruction Mode.

Zen Land

Played Zen Mode for 3 hours.

Zen World

Lasted at least 15 minutes on any 15 different difficulty levels (Zen Mode).

Not these alien jerks again!

Complete story mode TWICE.