Side Quest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Get 25 hits during a combo

Express Quest

Finish the game in under 40 minutes

The Good Listener

Finish the game without speeding up any scenes

Splash Zone

Throw 20 enemies in the water at the Cemetery or the Village

Friendly Fire

Make an enemy kill another enemy

Die Goblins, Die!

Defeat 200 Goblins

The Walking Dead

Defeat 50 Zombies

Master of Challenges

Complete all optional challenges

No Worthy Opponent!

Defeat 150 Knights

Baby Boom!

Defeat 50 Baby Dragons

I'm not your friend!

Not My Fault

Make 5 enemies kill themselves

Right In To The Action

Finish the game speeding up all scenes

Prison Break

Get to the end of the Dungeon without getting hit


Get 50 hits during a combo

Zombie's Hunter

Defeat Frank without getting hit

Check, Please!

Defeat the Lonely Knight without getting hit

Fear of The Dark

I Won't Bow!

Get to the end of the Throne Hall without getting hit

Evil dead

Get to the end of the Cemetery without getting hit

All The Way Down

Throw 20 enemies at the Dungeon's pit of from the top of the Castle

Knock, Knock

Get to the end of the Castle's Entrance without getting hit

Silence In The Librabry

Get to the end of the Library without getting hit

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Finish the game without completing any challenge

Almighty Warrior!!!

Get 100 hits during a combo

Winning the Lottery!

Get to the end of the Treasure Room without getting hit

Training Is For Losers

Get to the end of the Training Range without getting hit

Can't Touch Me

Get to the Final Boss without getting hit

Dragon Slayer

Hero's Day Off

Get to the end of the Village without getting hit

Rush (Half) Hour

Get to the Final Boss in under 30 minutes

I Can See My House From Up Here!

Get to the Top of the Castle without getting hit

Population: 0

Kill all enemies in the main game without dying