Ember achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Escape from the Barrows

Escape from the Barrows and enter the world of Domus.

Meet an Old Friend

Encounter the Darkbringer in Darkwood.

Reunited and It Feels So Good!

Find Fia and return her to her Lantern.

Hammer of the Gods

Meet the Goblin King deep within the Goblin Library.

A Thief in the Ranks

Recruit Zannon to join your party.

Where the Shadows Hide

Infiltrate the Thieves Guild and find their Leader.

What Happened to the Dragons?

Discover what has happened to Moros, the prospective Dragon Hunter.

Searching for the Soulless

Meet the nefarious Necromancer carrying out experiments in the Bog of Souls.

A Lost Soul

Discover what has happened to Gloria and her missing husband Davey.

Bastille Day

Stop Prince Syrion's evil plans.

The Cult Lies Beneath

Deal with the mysterious cult living in the sewers below the City of Light.

Becoming Whole

Find your heart and make your Lightbringer whole.

Tips Appreciated

Spit Shrine

Restore the Sanctuary Shrine.

Shrine Like a Diamond

Restore the Ember Mines Shrine.

Shrine On!

Restore the Giant Cliffs Shrine.

Keep Shrining on Me

Restore the Shrine beneath Radiance.

A Race Reborn

A Blade of Legend

Acquire a mystical, long lost weapon of Lightbringer lore.

Just Keep Swimming

Settle things with the Fish Co. peacefully.

Viking Funeral

Burn the Blue Whale.


Unleash a horrifying doom upon the world.