Mind Zero achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Kill enemy at >50% LP with one blow.

The City Comes Alive

A Guarded Mind

Activate your MIND Guard 10 times.

Always Be Bursting

Activate Burst Mode 10 times.

Make Your Own Luck

Get 25 bonuses for defeating enemies.

Below and Behind

Battlefield Training

Get in 100 fights.


Complete 10 requests.


Finish 100 battles without getting hit.

A Rising Tide

Not A Secret Shopper

Spend 100,000 yen shopping.

Be Quick or be Dead

Get a Quick Battle 50 times.

Doubt Blooms

Stoic Commander

Matter Over MIND

Defeat 1000 enemies.

Wind at Your Back

I'm In Sales

Get 100,000 yen selling.

With These Two Hands

With One Stone

Collect 10 Big Sluggers.

Parting and Reunion

An Evening Visit

Creeping Madness

Live By The Sword...

When The Walls Fell

Only Human

Castles of Sand

Legendary General

I Just Found It


Complete all requests.

The Spice of Life

Defeat several different enemies.

Courage In Adversity

Finish game on EXPERT.


For the minder who knows everything.

Inner Travelogue

Explore every level of every dungeon.


Collect all armor.


Collect all accessories.


Collect some skill cards.